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    • Biomass fuel
    • Biomass fuel

      - material : PKS, coal
      - method : Keeping and separation, carbonization
      - characteristic : Burn calorie increasing and adjustment of mixing rate according to use
      - Environment : Eco-friendly material
    • Eco-friendly boiler
    • Eco-friendly boiler

      - characteristic :
          1. The placement of carbonization and dry equipment in burning room
          2. Possible to run unrelated the kinds of fuel.
          3. Cost down caused to inside installation of carbonization and dry equipment
      - Environment : Eco-friendly, multipurpose boiler to be maximized the burning efficiency
    • Coal storage for power plant
    • Coal storage for power plant

      - characteristic :
          1. Efficient loadage comparing with other coal storage
          2. Automation of carrying out and load
          3. enclosed coal storage to prevent natural loss and external influence
          4. Number control system for the management equipment
      - Environment : Prevention to occur leachat and the outside dust